Snowice Fluorochemichals

Snowice Fluorochemicals Industries Sdn Bhd is set up by a group of enterprising engineers to capitalize on the opportunities provided by HCFC interims and HFC refrigerants. SNOWICE’s team of sales and technical specialists has many years of experience in the market. With our knowledge, we are able to provide comprehensive technical support on all aspects of refrigerants management and applications to our customers.

In line with our corporate vision to promote responsible and sustainable use of refrigerants, we have also grown our services to provide recycling (reclaim) and laboratory testing to the market. In addition, our laboratory is currently an AHRI Certified™ Testing Laboratory, which further enhances our holistic approach to our vision.

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Refrigerant Solutions

Our Company Focus


To ensure the quality of Snowice product, we offer the “driest” refrigerants to customers.


Research & develop new range of refrigerants to replace HFC & HCFCs.

Customised Services

Provide refrigerant lab testing services, refrigerant reclaim management and services


Continual improvement to ensure dynamic growth with our customers


To actively engage stakeholders to develop collaborative solutions

Our Current Facilities

  • A fully automatic purging, vacuuming and filling system.

  • Extensive inventory of cylinders in variety of sizes from 20Litres to 1000Litres and isotanks.

  • Provide reclaim management & customized services to customers for used refrigerants

  • Full range of recovery and reclaim equipment

  • Our Laboratory is an AHRI Certified™ Refrigerant Testing Laboratory (AHRI Standard 700). Please click HERE for more information.

    • Infrared Spectroscopy and Gas Chromatography to identify refrigerant, its impurities and composition and the non-condensable gases.
    • Karl Fisher Coulometer for Moisture
    • Visual, Acid/Base Titrations and Ag+ testing for Acidity and Chloride
    • Visual and Evaporative Methods for Particulates and High Boiling Residue

Our Distribution Network

  • We have wide sales and distribution network in South East Asia.

  • To serve our customers better, we have local presences in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

  • We also have business partners in Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia.